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Weight Loss & Diets Plan
Diets & Nutrition
Brian Flatt is a former professional trainer and nutrition expert who has become a world recognized weight loss expert thanks to his groundbreaking diet plans.
What are your qualifications?"I started out as a trainer and nutritionist in Southern California, which is a highly competitive fitness marketplace. Despite the high level of competition, I became so in demand that I was able to open my own thriving fitness facility, which I called R.E.V. Fitness. Over the years I became intensely interested in helping clients lose weight and achieve their ideal bodies – particularly clients who were disheartened because of past weight loss failures. Clients loved my individual plans so much that that led me into developing diet plans to help even more people on a global scale. Today, I am lucky enough to work with the world's most renowned nutritional scientists and fitness coaches."

What is The 4 Week Diet System?"The 4 Week Diet System is uniquely designed to target four hormones that have a direct impact on weight gain and weight loss. This system contains four informative handbooks:
The Launch Handbook
Which shows you how to eat in a way that forces your 4 hormones to work together with tasty foods you'll love to eat, so you will never have to feel hungry or deprived.
The Diet Handbook
Where you'll learn how to calculate your lean body mass, and your current body fat percentages so you can quickly and easily customize The 4 Week Diet specifically for your body type to maximize your fat loss. You'll get a breakdown of what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat, so your body works with your 4 fat storing and fat burning hormones to burn more fat all day and night long.
The Activity Handbook
Which gives you the quick and easy exercises that force your body to release even more stubborn, stored body fats into fatty acids so these fats are quickly burned as fuel.
The Motivation Handbook
Which contains a treasure trove of tips, tricks, tools, and secrets for losing weight, and for keeping it off. You'll receive quick and easy to do tips for staying motivated, reaching your weight loss goals now, and maintaining your new body for life, and whenever you need inspiration.

" Why did you create this new diet plan? "My mission has always been to help people lose weight and improve their health. As a trainer I saw so many people who were frustrated by their inability to lose weight – but it wasn't their fault. They had these hormones working against them. Well, this plan allows dieters to gain control of the four hormones that impact weight loss and then use them to accelerate their results. With this diet, people can lose more weight faster than with other plans – we're talking as much as 24 to 32 pounds in just four weeks."

Who is this diet plan for?"Basically, it is for anyone who wants to lose weight. Whether you have tried to lose weight in the past and failed or you think you have hit a weight loss plateau, this plan can work for you. Likewise, whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 200 pounds to lose, this plan can also work for you. It doesn't matter how old you are or if you are a woman or a man, the plan is effective for all body types. It promotes fast, safe weight loss. You won't be starving yourself and you won't be forced to consume a bunch of bland, difficult to eat foods."

Why does this plan work so well?"There are three basic reasons why this new program works where other weight loss plans do not: It stops your body from forming new fat complexes or triglycerides, so it stops storing fat. It directly targets stubborn fat, burning it for daily muscle and energy needs, for faster and more effective fat burning. It harnesses the fat storing and burning power of 4 specific hormones that operate in sync to make incredibly rapid fat loss scientifically possible. The bottom line is with this plan in just 28 days, just by forcing four specific hormones to work together, your body can be forced to not just burn more fat but burn it faster — so that you lose in four weeks what it takes other diets 2 to 3 to 4 or more months to accomplish. That is if they even work at all.
With this ground-breaking new weight loss plan, dieters won't be burning fat for only 1-2 hours each day … instead, they'll turn their body into a fat-burning machine, burning fat rapidly and safely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the entire 4 week period … and then they also learn how to easily maintain you're their weight loss for the rest of their life, too."

Are there any secrets behind the plan?"It reveals four keys to losing weight and keeping it off: Lower your Ghrelin or "Fat Storage Hormone" levels so you no longer crave "bad foods" Regain a normal insulin level so you stop storing excess glucose as fat Reduce "Cortisol Overload" which is preventing you from burning more fat Increase your Adiponectin levels to boost fat burning metabolism! Luckily for dieters everywhere, it's now easier than ever before to accomplish these four things thanks to The 4 Week Diet System, which has been specifically formulated to control these four essential weight loss hormones.
Since its release, The 4 Week Diet System has been creating shockwaves throughout the diet industry. It has turned conventional weight loss theory on its head and is producing amazing results that are unmatched by other diet programs."

Weight Loss & Diets Plan
Total Welness Cleanse
By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN & Amy Coates, RHN, BSc.
We detoxify and cleanse for health, vitality, and rejuvenation. We cleanse our body to clear symptoms, treat disease, and prevent future problems. A cleansing program is an ideal way to help you re-evaluate your life, make changes, or clear abuses and addictions. Withdrawal happens fairly quickly, and as cravings are reduced you can begin a new life without old addictive habits or drugs.

Detoxification is also helpful for weight loss, although this is not the primary purpose. The body stores toxins in fat cells. When you cleanse your body these toxins are more easily released from their fat stores. Since you then become less toxic, your toxin stores (the fat) are not as necessary and, thus, your body can rid itself of excess, unnecessary fat. Weight loss also occurs on a cleanse simply because there are fewer calories being consumed. Since weight loss boils down to creating a caloric deficit, eating less overtime is a simple way of losing weight. We also detoxify and cleanse to rest and heal our overloaded digestive organs. This is often an overlooked, yet very important, area considering optimal health truly begins with the health of our digestive system.

Aside from the internal health benefits, detoxification can also be a great catalyst for external change. It can serve to help you cleanse your house, your work, your relationships. After a cleanse, you will even feel more organized, more creative, more motivated, more productive, more relaxed, and more mentally focused and clear.
So, if you want more energy, greater vitality, more youthful and radiant skin, and greater health for life, then cleansing should be a regular (annual or semi-annual) part of your life.

Yuri Elkaim is a renowned fitness, nutrition, and weight loss expert. He is a registered holistic nutritionist and the co-creator of the Total Wellness Cleanse - a 30-day food-based cleansing program that has helped thousands of people lose weight, cleanse their bodies of toxic overload, and restore incredible health.

Everyday Practices
The secret to the success of the Yoga Burn Program lies in what's referred to as Dynamic Sequencing. Dynamic Sequencing is the way in which the yoga burn program teaches you how to properly perform each movement and then continues to adapt and increase the challenge at the precise moment your body starts to get used to the routine. This forces your body to change and adapt, which in turn, helps to build a shapely, feminine body that not only looks better, but feels better too!
The unique 3 phase program guides you through a series of different videos that are laid out in a way that will keep your body and mind guessing to ensure you do not get bored, or hit a plateau. Each video is 45 minutes long and can be done anytime, anywhere. You are encouraged to complete three 45 minute videos a week, with the option to complete a bonus video lesson which is provided.
It's highly recommended to fit the bonus video in if you can find the time, as the bonus video is focused on increasing your emotional well being, self-confidence, and overall happiness. I'm sure you'll agree that confidence and happiness are two of the most attractive attributes a woman can possess.

Like many others, I didn't know what guided meditations actually meant. But I wanted to learn more about it. To define it simply – it is one of the easiest ways to enter into a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness, and eliminate stress and bring about positive personal changes in your life. Meditation Mastery Secrets teaches you how to achieve it in a perfect manner

How does it work?

Opt for the course, and each lesson teaches you how to get in touch with your subconscious at the deepest level. As you gradually relax, any stress fades away, and your mind becomes a whole lot clearer than before.
During this time, your subconscious is open to positive suggestions, and you will be able to embark on an inner journey that is designed to improve one or more aspects of your life. For example, a guided meditation might be tailored towards personal empowerment and positive thinking. Another might focus on emotional healing or spiritual development. You might be taken on a guided journey to unleash your full potential, or you may choose to go on a guided journey simply for the sheer pleasure of experiencing profoundly deep relaxation.
How is guided meditation different?
Yes, that is a great question, which came to my mind before I took the course. Most traditional meditation techniques require you to take command of your own awareness by concentrating your attention on a single point of focus. It could be your breathing, a physical action, or more commonly, it may be on a mantra - a sound, word or phrase that you repeat to yourself mentally. However, some people find it difficult to master such techniques – I would like to include myself in this category. Guided meditations require no previous training or effort to enjoy. Even if you find it tough to let go of thoughts, are stressed, or overloaded with mental activity, this method helps you relax and feel at peace via proper guidance.

As you can now see, guided meditation can be an experience that is not only relaxing, but also enhances your sense of self, transforms your perspective in positive ways, and inspires you to live your life to the fullest. It is an effortless and very enjoyable experience that results in respite, elimination of stress and a heightened appreciation of life. Buy Meditation Mastery Secrets today and reap the benefits of guided meditation!

Skills You Need To Improve Yourself
Know Yourself – Assess Your Strengths and Capabilities
BY CAROLYN HANSEN, Author, Productivity Expert & National Champion Bodybuilder
Among the most crucial things you need to do to accomplish any sort of success is to be really truthful about yourself. You have to comprehend and get to know who you truly are.
You must be willing to honestly comprehend and assess your strengths and your capabilities. Realizing that is a really significant step of believing in yourself.
It is a general human tendency to want to be like others. When we see accomplished people performing, we often say "I wish I was like him or her." Unfortunately, that does nothing towards fostering a healthy belief in ourselves.
The most crucial thing we need to know and be aware of is what we are truly capable of.
Take a minute and think about what your fortes are. What your skills are and what you are able to do. You don't need to be an expert, even some amount of knowledge in a certain area will do.
You have to know what you can do and what you are capable of. If you want to become a master at something, it is really important to be sure of yourself and not live under illusions.
Take a blank piece of paper and write these things down in the order you think you are best at down to the things you are least good at.
The first three things should be things you do really well followed by others that you are able to do fairly well. Follow this by those things that you may barely do but you may learn and improve upon. This little piece of paper that reveals what and who you are should be kept somewhere handy that you can look at often.
When you are trying to make a self-assessment, this realization will be exceedingly valuable to you.
Remember – don't take what others say to you or about you at face value. They may be prejudiced in some way. You have to value yourself. When you know your limitations and your potentials, you know you are able to stand much better on your own.
The crux of all this is – do not take other people's negative critiques blindly or as being the truth. They do not know you, neither do they comprehend or understand what you feel or know what you are capable of.
You are the only one who truly knows their own self-worth and capabilities and within the realms of this, you are the only one able to arrive at the decisions you ultimately make within your life.
Bottom line is this:
If you would like things, experiences, events in your life to change, if you would like your results to be different than they are now, first YOU must change. If you are dissatisfied with your life, if you are feeling any kind of pain…it's time for change...
Remember your power as a creator of your own life and don't be afraid to repeat this affirmation to yourself: "I can. Therefore I will!"
If you don't like the results you see, you need to look at what it is that you are doing, or better yet, you need to look at who and what you are being, but never look to your past, you're not going that way. Your past will never define who you are now. Who you are now is being created day-by-day.
The truth is, if you continue doing what you've always done, you will continue to get what you've always got." Or, to expand this statement: "If you continue to be who you have always been, you will continue to have what you have always had.
Check out "Super Productivity Secrets." It is the ultimate lifestyle, fitness and success library developed and written for entrepreneurs and others that are ready and willing to operate at full capacity.

For more tools and resources from Carolyn Hansen to assist you in attaining your health and fitness goals and achieving the success you desire in life, please:

How to unlock the secrets of everything
Imagine being able to bend the world to your will. What if you could use your mind to create a reality that you desire in the same way that Neo did in the blockbuster movie, The Matrix? Believe it or not, some of the smartest, most successful and most educated people in the world believe we are living in a Matrix-like virtual reality.
The idea isn't new. Spiritual teachers have been saying it for a thousand years... But recently scientists and tech geniuses have started to agree. For example, Billionaire founder of Paypal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX - Elon Musk - thinks that it's billions of times more likely that we living in a simulation rather than in "reality." And it's not just some nutty tech billionaire saying this...
A NASA scientist, Rich Terrile, has been quoted as saying that an explanation for quantum physics is that we are living in a simulated universe. The coolest part is, because we are living in this virtual reality...
You can bend it to create the world you want. I know it seems impossible, but what we think of as reality...isn't. And you have the power to design and create and attract exactly the life you want.
As crazy as it sounds, this is REAL!

How to Achieve Greater Success in Your Life
Join a group of people who are committed to become much more successful in their lives.
Success Mind Academy - more than 70 Creative Visualization videos with subliminal messages! Simply watch, then feel the warm power of professional subliminal messages working deep into your subconscious! Topics Include: Financial Fortune Series, Power Mind Mastery Series, Subliminal Underground Series, Money Mentalism Series, Love 'n' LuxxxurySeries, Intelligent Warrior Series, Angelic Attraction Series.
You get what YOU want with little effort! You ENJOY your life and spend your time however YOU want to spend it!

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